Reasons Why People Suffering From Depression May Not Seek Help

As we all know, depression is a serious health issue that affects millions of people from around the world. Although many groups including the ones found at, most people suffering from this condition, however, fail to seek help to overcome it and lead better lives due to various factors. These are some of the reasons why those suffering from depression may fail to reach out for help:


Society Does Not Understand Depression

A lot of people in the society do not understand depression, its causes, symptoms and how those affected can be helped to get better. It would, therefore, be pointless to seek help from people that do not understand your situation and would most probably judge you. Most individuals thus choose to shoulder the burden of their ailment instead of reaching out to people that cannot offer assistance. There is also the shame that may come with having a mental illness, which then prevents depression patients from letting society know that they are not well.

Inability To Make Sound Judgments

Many people fail to understand why those suffering from depression cannot simply reach out and ask for help. It is not that easy because if that were the case, then the number of people committing suicide due to depression every year would be significantly lower than the recorded 30,000. It takes a lot of effort from a person that has a mental health issue to acknowledge that he or she has a problem. It is even harder to take the initiative and seek treatment. Most people suffering from depression do not have the capacity to make sound judgment regarding their treatment needs. It is for this reason that sometimes society discovers that an individual is suffering from depression when it is already too late.

Fear Of Burdening Family & Friends

ASDSADSometimes individuals suffering from depression fail to seek help for fear of burdening friends and relatives with their problems. A husband may not disclose to the wife that he is suffering from depression to protect her from worries and stress. This result in an individual dealing with the condition alone and in most cases, the condition worsens.

Patients Defined By Depression

Some depression patients come to fall in love with their condition, and in essence, it becomes the definition of who they are. Such individuals do not imagine living life differently because it represents a shift from the familiar. They choose to embrace depression and use it as a tool to make sense of their existence. Individuals that are defined by depression may not reach out for help because they do not want to let go of what they have become accustomed to. Getting better would mean having to find a new purpose in life, and that may be a difficult goal to achieve. Such behavioral tendencies may be common among patients whose depression has been caused by the loss of a loved one. Seeking treatment may be considered a betrayal to the memories of the loved ones already departed. Being depressed is, therefore, a sign of enduring love.